Thursday, December 31

{Our wonderful Christmas Season}

Some of my Christmas Spreads

I will miss my Christmas Decor...this was our first year hosting a Christmas here in our home and we had my parents here to help us celebrate. Last year we knew this plan and so we took advantage of some after Christmas sales and then had fun putting it all out this year and then of course I bought a few new treasures here and there to finish every little nook and cranny...I am excited to tear it all down and start our new year but I'm sure the house will seem a little bare for a few days...Good thing C comes in Tuesday...maybe then I will take and post pictures of Lexi and Noah's new bedroom...

Christmas Day~Opening Presents

{Some Favorites}

Dalen & Deveon U.S./Dinosaurs fact books, karate sparring gloves~Dal/karate uniform~Dev, remote control trucks, new shoes, clothes, & jammies, robot bugs, Tri-Ominoes, new lego & knex sets and smencils {fruit smelling pencils}, army toys, new games, phinneas and ferb DS game, big coast guard boat, dragon set, & church portfolio's...

Lexis~ cuddly baby dino's, cuddly tiger cub, zhu zhu pet, mini pets, camera, new shoes, lots of dresses, outfits & matching hair prittys, footed jammies as requested, church purse, a 'liv' doll, mermaid barbie, very first polly pocket & a bike...

Noah~wooden fire station, penguin stuffed animal, chunky cars, more thomas trains, mickey car, wonderpets play boat, new shoes, shopping cart...

Noah and his new train roll and train...

...and his little missionaries

Momma's fancy new purse from daddy...he spied me looking at this one day at Macy's and totally surprised me with it Christmas morning along with a beautiful Natori black satin robe...also got some new jewelry from my mom and some Twilight Saga memorabilia from my Dad a sign that says 'everything is better with SPARKLES' from my BF Tami...and I got me my Steve Madden flats and some new clothes & make-up here and there...;)

Josh got some new clothes including his first pair of TR jeans, a comedy book by Stephen Colbert, some handy work done by my dad around the house {which I benefited from too}

Us and our Tree

Loving Grandma & Grandpa Dubois

Thank you to all our family that sent up gifts for Christmas, we truly appreciated it...Hope to see you for reals next Christmas...

Thursday, December 24

{Merry Christmas}
Dear Friends and Family

Some highlights of our busy year...

Noah {2} is walking and talking and trying to keep with his older sibs...still with his bright blue eyes...

Lexis {4} is busy with preschool and dance class. She recently competed in her first state beauty pageant and has a blast!

Deveon {6} Our first grader was a tiger in his kinder circus and is now preparing to get his first stripe in karate.

Dalen {7} Our second grader is almost a green belt in karate. He was cast as the town crier in the play 'Cinderella.'

Dalen and Deveon also ran in two 1/2 mile races this year.

I ran my first 5k this year and Josh took me to S.F. to see the musical Wicked. My Princess Prittys business has seen a few craft fairs this year and was the focus of a photography class.

Josh spent most of the year training for his first marathon. In September he ran in Disney's 1/2 marathon and then in November he ran the full marathon {26.2 miles} along the American River.

We wish you all a great Christmas and a prosperous 2010

Wednesday, December 23

A few of our favorite things

{Places our Elf, 'Frissbeay' has been}
  • Curtains
  • Dalen and Deveon's room on the shelf
  • Lexi and Noah's room in the blinds
  • On a candle up high
  • In a candle holder
  • High window seals
  • Laundry room window
  • On our kitchen clock

{Christmas Caroling}

  • The Stoeckle's brought us goodies and sang a couple songs
  • Our ward's Young Women came and sang us some carols
  • A group of kids from primary and their parents came and sang to us and then invited us to join in the last couple of houses on their route...
  • Took the cubscouts to a nursing home and sang some was cute how the elderly would sing along wtih the scouts...

{Christmas Wishes}

  • Dalen- remote control toys, art supplies, DS games, and fighting toys {like army men}, Harry Potter movies
  • Deveon-army men, remote control toys, movies
  • Lexis-Baby animals w/ Bottles, Dinosaurs, make-up, jammies w feet
  • Noah-Trains, trucks and cars and everything that the other kids get ;)

Thursday, December 10

There's an Elf on our Shelf

Blog-hopping one day I cam accross this family tradition and fell in love...Meet Frissbea, yes Frissbea. He is our own family elf. He watches over us each day and each night he flies home to Santa to report whose been naughty or nice. The next morning very early he flies back and finds a new spot to sit quietly all day to watch again. My kids were so excited to hear that we had finally been chosen to have an elf selected for a family. All we had to do was name him and promise to never touch him {as the magic will go away if touched}
Welcome OUr New Elf

After it quieted down the first night, I think he thought all the kids were sleeping {but Deveon was still awake} and he flew out of his box and nestled himself up high on our Christmas Tree...

He's so cute!

Tuesday, December 8

{My baby is 2}

Noah turned 2 on December 4th...we had a few little friends over to celebrate this occasion on Sunday the 6th... We played a few 'icy' games and then ate some 'chilly' cake from Coldstones...Mmmmint Chocolate Chip...Then we headed over to a stake center to see the Nativity's on display...and I still can't believe my baby is two...

Yearly Photo Shoot

{Some Favorites...}

Tuesday, December 1

{Our Yearly Picture Contest}




Vote for your favorite portrait...;)

{Thankful Hearts}

When Asked What 3 Things We Were Most Thankful For...

Joshua} Me - Family -Purpose

Lauren} Family - Health - Technology

Dalen} Our Beautiful World - Parents - Food

Deveon} Light - Food - Army Men

Lexis} Brothers - Preschool - Flowers

Noah with the help of his brothers} Daddy - Papa - Christmas Decorations

We hope you all had a

Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend.