Wednesday, April 27

LA Marathon 2011

LA's Big 5K

{Josh chose our nicknames...Dalen was donut and Deveon was cheeto}

Josh and I ran with Dalen, Deveon and cousin Bella

These kids did so awesome...there were like 4 hills during the route and they finished strong ;) We were bummed that Maya and Auntie April missed out since Maya broke her little arm the day before but we were glad to have Bella still come with us...

Uncle Jesse ran the race with cousin Kenzie since they could run a little faster...

The next race we need to run for a cause, I think this one looks

LA Marathon

{Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Pier}

In the POURING RAIN! Here's a 2 minute course video...

Josh 4:59

Eric 3:53

So proud of these guys!

Here's a video clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live...they were out there in the Marathon route tricking people with nailed down water mean can you be seriously! It was pretty funny though, thought I'd share ;)

Saturday, April 23

Mastro's for April's Birthday

We helped April celebrate turning 25 ;) during our trip to So. Cal for the Marathon...Her hubby took us all out to Mastro's Steakhouse and we had a great time showing Uncle Jesse {our Returned Mish} the fun, fancy and way yummy food they have there...

Me and Hubby

April and Eric

Auntie April and Uncle Jesse

Kent and Pam

The Ever Famous Mastro's Seafood Tower

{which included Cavier, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Crab Legs and Blue Point Oysters}

Josh showing Uncle Jesse how to properly eat a Blue Point Oyster

{which by the way is so yummy ;)}

Friday, April 22

Noah the King of the 'Poilet'

We finally did it!

Official Date of Potty Trained...March 10th 2011

He's a big boy now!

{after a full week of 'all nay~nay' (naked) time}

...and he is getting cuter by the minute!

{ and if you didn't know, his favorite color is ORANGE! }

{ If anyone figures out how to pause time or slow it down please let me know ASAP! }

Thursday, April 21

dal and lily

This boy loves to make Lily laugh ;)

Since the kids are off track this month Dalen usually makes Lily a bottle in the morning and brings it into her {playroom} where she sleeps so he can then play on the computer. {That was our rule if he wanted to go in there early when he wakes up} but I think he kinda looks forward to her little happy smiles in the morning...;)

Such goofiness ;)

Wednesday, April 20

Lexi's Kindergarten Circus 2011

Ring Mistress Lexi

...and her Ring Master, Cole

{buddy from church}

Getting ready for the show...

Enjoy some of the show ;)

After the Show...

Lexi and her teacher Mrs. Grover

Lexi and her #1 Fans, Sarah and Adam ;)

{her brothers were there too but Noah was being a stinker and Dalen and Deveon had to go back to class}

Later we went to Golden Corral for lunch to celebrate and we took our babysitter MissKenzie with us cause she's way fun!

{she was there at the circus because she is Cole's cousin}

Saturday, April 2


Just checking to see if the Blogger/Picasa photo upload issue has been fixed...I have so many posts waiting to be published but the pictures keep disappearing every time I publish the posts!...Just testing it out...Is this happening to anyone else? I always upload my edited pictures through Picasa's 'Blog This' feature but a lot of people have posted complaints and they are working on a solution to fix it...They just said today some blogs have been worked but not all...

Preview of a post to come...Lexi's Kindergarten Circus...