Wednesday, May 4

Lily @ 8 months

Here I am sitting pritty for mommy's photo shoot of some new Princess Prittys

I love watching the kids play outside...and now they even bring me outside with them ;)

Here I am sitting up and playing with whosever toys I can get my hands on ;)

Mommy just brought out all of my new Spring/Summer clothes she saved from Lexi...Boy do I have a lot of new cute things to wear! Here I was getting ready to spend a day with Auntie Tami while all the big kids went to Six Flags with Mommy and Daddy...

Here I am chillin in my car seat at the park one day watching the kids play...

Mommy was trying out some new picture taking app on her phone and since I was wearing another one of my new cute outfits she decided to practice some shots on me ;) whatever...

Here I am flying {low} on a swing for the first time...It was kinda fun for about 3 minutes but then I had had enough!

Tuesday, May 3

General Conference Weekend

Since Josh works most Saturdays we DVR all the GC sessions and try and watch what we can on Sunday and throughout the rest of the week...

This year I decided to print off some General Conference packets I found online at for the kids to work on while we watched our Prophets and Leaders speak to us on TV...They worked on them in the morning after breakfast and then towards the end of one session they got ancy and so outside they went since it was great weather out... After lunch we decided to try the bingo cards I printed out and we were able to get through a whole entire session without any complaints or boredom! It was even a great way to listen since me and Josh didn't really care too much aout winning so sometimes we would forget we were lietening for certain words but the kids were quietly listening for certain words, phrases and names all during the talks...we used Reese's pieces for markers and they would win a funsize Reese's PB egg {new smaller ones} for anytime anyone got a BINGO!

even Lily was good during Conference ;)

{photo taken by Deveon}

Hope everyone enjoyed their Conference weekend!

To hear the words of our Prophets click here

Sunday, May 1

I like to look for Rainbows

Rainbows along the 5 FWY Northbound from our trip to So CAL...and the camera still does not do them justice...they were beautiful ;)

Still Smiling...

While we were in So California for the marathon my parents took Noah and Lexi to Disneyland...Noah picked out this hat and a Mickey coin bank and Lexi got a princess umbrella, and a princess diamond with stand {paper weight} and a new Minnie Mouse bag. They had a lot of fun...This photo was taken a few days after we got home from our trip...He had to have the hat with him all the time even when he went to sleep along with his mouse bank ;)