Monday, March 14

Aladdin Kids Musical

This year Dalen was cast as a Head Guard and this time he was given more lines and stage time...He was really good and loud. He made a great guard! I worked back stage again helping the kids on and off with their props and cues. I also helped the costume director with making all the hair accessories, Jasmine's crown, feathers for the turbins on the boys, and all the hair-styles...It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to know more of the moms this year ;)

The Cast of Aladdin Kids Musical

Dalen as Head Guard

'Yes, Jafar!'
'Seize him!...Get lost, street mouse before I chop your tail off!...I have strict orders from Jafar, Princess...It's the chopping block for you boy, Move It!...'
These are a few scene clips I was able to get from the sidelines backstage. Dalen's lines are above...My favorite part was the 'Prince Ali' song entrance...
Aladdin and Jasmine singing 'A Whole New World'
Jafar and Iago

Skeleton Prison scene

Dalen and one of his fellow guards singing one of the songs

The last scene singing 'A Whole New World' reprise

Friday, March 11

Our First Pinewood Derby

Dalen with 'The Tank'
Should the cubmaster's son have won? Yes...

...Did Josh and I really know what we were doing? No...and Dalen blames us for coming in last...

I thought his was the cutest one there---but I guess this isn't a cutesy pageant...

Next year we are coming full force

I explained to him that night that since he was our guinea pig kid he would need to be patient with us and that by the time Noah has his pinewood derby race, his race car would kick-butt! --with Dalen's help of course...That made him feel better ;)

Don't you love Lily 'eating her finger' as Noah says...

Thursday, March 3

Lily @ 6 months

Happy 6 months to Lily!
March 4th 2011

These are my new tricks;
Assisted sitting and reaching for way fun things that belong to my older siblings ;)

Grabbing my feet ;)

Playing with toys even if I drop them half the time ;)

Watching the kids play Angry Birds on the iPad ;) {little do they know I could beat all the levels if I could just get my hands on it}

Still hate to eat food ;) but I do love my baba time...

The only thing I really like doing in my high chair is playing with toys til I fall asleep ;)

Love to go shopping for all the attention from strangers ;)

and I do LOVE a little jamba juice from mommy's straw

At Music Makers I rock my boots during singing time ;)

And this is me all dolled up ready to go see Dalen's play 'Aladdin'

And of course going to Church and showing off all my cute clothes mommy puts me in ;)

I am also now sleeping in my own room/playroom and almost regularly sleeping through the night. If I do wake up Daddy comes to get me and gives me to mommy who feeds me a baba and then puts me back in my pack and play. I can pretty much hold my own baba and I love watching tv with the kids ;) Big brothers and Sissy help take care of me a lot and even Dalen has successfully given me a bath. They even put me down for naps occassionally. I am a lot to take care of but somehow all 6 of those people at my house manage to do it ;)

Wednesday, March 2


Valentines Day 2011
Me and my little Valentine Lilypie ;)
Cute little Valentine outfit from Grandma Dubois
Lexi and I went with my friend Tami to get our toes done in the morning to get ready for our night out with the hubbies. Lexi got her toes and fingernails done too ;)

Josh and I went with Tami and Erick to Morton's Steakhouse here in Downtown Sacramento. It was really good shared with great company...I love going out and having an excuse to get dressed up. After long days of just being mom and housewife it's nice to look forward to days where I get to be a little fancy and hang out with my favorite person, Josh ;)