Friday, January 29

Josh and I recently shared our 9th Wedding Anniversary on December 29th 2009. To celebrate he took me to a bed and breakfast downtown Sacramento called the Amber House. We enjoyed just being together in our quiet room sharing our dinner by fire as it poured rain like crazy outside. We had some great friends help with taking care of our kiddos, which did not just entail feeding and housing meant driving them to and from school and from dance class...{we went on a weeknight getaway}...and changing Noah's stinky diapers ;) Thanks, Brooke, Melanie and Marcy

I love being married to my best friend and couldn't think of anyone better to share this life with than him. Knowing I will be next to him for eternity brings a smile to my face...I can't wait to see what the next year holds in store for us.

Here are our Wedding Album Memories

Los Angeles LAKERS

Josh and his Dad...

Cheering on the big boys
Lakers win of course...;)

Wednesday, January 13

{Lexi and Noah get to know some of their new toys}

Noah and his new firetruck from uncle Jase and auntie Steph

Lexi and her knew cuddly cheetah snuggle kin from G&G Miles

Monday, January 11


By Bluff NY

Jewelry for your shoes
I saw this on Rachael Ray and I had to share...these are so hot! I want some...they just go on to your shoes or ankle and it accessorizes your favorite shoes! Hoping that this style will catch on soon so they will be more accessible to all.

Sunday, January 10

New Beds

{Lexi and her big girl bed}

{Noah and his big boy bed}

It's been an adjustment for Noah but we can tell bed time has been better then when we put him in his 'jail'...He loves sleeping in the room with Lexi...which was the plan all along until he wouldn't go to sleep as a baby in their room so we moved him into the office/now playroom. It is so much better. It just took us a while to get her thanks to Noah...;)
As for Lexi, she absolutley loves her bed and she rarely comes into our room anymore, which is kinda sad but really good, she was getting too old to be doing that and I only allowed it cause she was my baby girl...We're still looking for the perfect bedspread for her bed but we love love love her sheet set and blamket. We are kinda set on this one from The Land of Nod however I feel if I really was set on it I would've ordered it by now but I haven't yet so I'm still searching...and believe me I have looked everywhere...from Target to Macy's from online sites to PBKids...any ideas, let me know...
As for Josh, he says 'you know what happens in this house when there is an extra bed'...;)

Tuesday, January 5

{Our New Years Eve}

We didn't really have anthing official planned just that I knew I was going to Trader Joes to pick up some yummy appetizer type foods to have as our dinner with the kids. Josh was going in to work at 2am so I knew we wouldn't be staying up late but I had dinner covered. While I was there I started buying like everything so I called Tami to see what her and the fam was doing and told her my idea...they were in...they ended up bringing some yummy appetizers too and in just about 4 1/2 hours we had a full party spread...they even brought some party poppers. We made our own little countdown with the kids outside around 8pm and then put all the kids down and played the game Ticket to Ride at their house {I won}...It was a fun and spontaneous favorite kind...

Friday, January 1

Went to lunch with my friend Felisa and then came back to my house to let the kids finish playing...{they were trying to play at Chevy's but we started to get funny looks} while we were chatting, the kids were taking pictures and I never knew it until I uploaded them to my pc...these were the best ones...not bad.