Wednesday, February 25

Scrapping Our Memories

I have finished another Scrapbook Album! Love that feeling! I now have 18 completed albums (click here to view other albums)...and I still love scrapping, when I get the chance...luckily I live one street over from my BF Tami who also shares a love for scrapbooking and so we get together at night at least once or twice a month to get some pages done...I am 15 mos behind which isn't too bad with all the stuff on my plate but I also have Noah's 1st year baby book to do...Looking forward to Tahoe (April) to really put in some time on this favorite hobby of mine...who else shares a love for scrappin? and what's your favorite tool?
Family Memories 2006-2007

Tuesday, February 24

Easter Dress Up

This is what my boys are wearing for Easter Sunday...

Dalen: White Shirt, Black Suit, Pink and Gray striped tie

Deveon: Pink Shirt, Black Pants, Gray Blazer, Houndstooth tie

Noah: Pink Shirt under Vest w/ Black pants

Which One for Lexi?

Pink Skirt

B&W Dress

Black Skirt

Saturday, February 21

Calling all Bloggertisements

I am looking for anyone who would be interested in placing my advertisment link on your blog to help build my client list...You will receive a Free Princess Pritty of your choice valued up to $6.00, and then if you order from me you will get 20% off...I have added lots of new Prittys to my store...Email me, Text me, or leave a comment if you'd like to do this...Thank you!

Just right click on any of the ads above and save as to your pictures...then place the picture on your sidebar and copy and paste this where it asks for a link:


Friday, February 20


Last Wednesday we had our YW's New Beginning's and it was a Purse Theme showcasing all the girls' different "purse"onalitys...It was very cute and some of us leaders even made Purse Cakes...we had the girls make clutch purses out of paper lunch bags and had each girl bring one of their favorite purses to decorate the room...As gifts we gave the girls little candy filled purses to rmind them how sweet and one of a kind they are...Here are my purse cakes for the evening...they actually came out cuter than I thought I could do...

Tuesday, February 17

Weekend Fun

(Dalen is at school)

My parents came to visit for the weekend and we had a great time...they are the best parents and grandparents! We kicked off the weekend on Friday with a Valentine's Party for the kiddos (see below) and then mom and I went to see 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' which was very cute...

On Saturday Grandpa made a yummy Valentine's Breakfast-Pancakes and then took Dalen and Deveon to see Coraline 3D and out to lunch while mom and I went to the Folsom Outlets with Noah and Lex for our own dose of Shopping-couldn't let Isla have all the fun...and that's where we both bought our very first Coach bags! We kept seeing people with Coach shopping bags as we were walking around and so right before we left we wnet to check it out and they were having a Huge sale! We "saved" so much money too! as Steph mentioned "love this recession, everything's fricken cheap!" so like the good helpers of the economy my mom and I are, we purchased new lovely handbags to go with our new clothes from the Dress that store!...Also found shorts for Noah at $1.99 a piece---(would've gotten Adam some but they ended at 18mos...I looked)...Got a new swimsuit and matching bag and a fun skirt for Princess---thanks G'ma...

For Valentine's Day with Josh, my parents watched the kids so Josh and I could go out...We went for a romantic walk thru Old Town Sacramento and had dinner at Johhny Rockets--you know us, never prepared with reservations but our meals were great nevertheless...We found a beautiful wind chime at some crazy hippie store that sold dream Books and bongs...It was great, made us laugh...I love spending time with my best friend and hubby, we always seem to fall in love all over again...

New Gymbo Line

It has been a real long time since I've loved a Gymboree line...loved 'Wild One' is the new Easter line out on Thursday...Click on the pictures to see the rest...

Sunday, February 15

Walk Boo-Boo Walk

Good Boy...

He's almost there!

Bow to your Sensai

Dalen has been doing Karate for about 4 months now and is loving every minute of it...It really has done so much for his confidence...He shows up 15 minutes early every Tue and Thurs night so he can have some one on one time with his Sensai's to get a little more improvement...It has however been a challenge for me to pack all the kids up two nights a week and take him over to his kinda shakes things up during the week but he loves it so much and as a parent we make sacrafices...I am so glad Dalen has found something he really loves...

1st Green Stripe

Saturday, February 14

Valentine Sweeties

Valentine's Day 2009

We had some kiddos over for a Valentine Heart Hunt, Decorated Cupcakes and a Valentine Exchange...It was so cute to see all the little girls dressed up in their fancy clothes and even some of the boys dressed up handsome!

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 11

For Valentines this year I decided to try 14 days of Valentines for the family...We started out by decorating these cute metal mailboxes and then placing a treat for someone anytime we wanted to for the 14 days leading up to Valentines Day...It has been so much fun and the kids look forward to it daily...These were the roses I recieved from Josh the other day "in my mailbox" Hope everyone is getting into the Love spirit of this fun Holiday...

The Mailboxes all decked out Valentine Style

Tuesday, February 10

More Cupcake Cuties...

***updated new pictures below***

My long time freind Felisa and I are seriously always on the same page...we love dressing up ourselves as well as our little cuties...Wednesday we decided to dress them up all frilly and take them out for cupcakes and of course take pictures...Here they are in fromt of our Favorite Restaurant Macaroni Grill and then afterwards we took em' over to a little dainty place called Lulu's Cupcakes right here in Old Town...Inside was so dainty and chic and we took soooo many cute pictures (uhhemmm...) which I am still waiting for Fli to upload on Facebook...but don't worry I'll post em' soon enough...we had a great time and then made plans to go out on our own girls night w/out kiddos and go shopping which we then did on Friday night...I love my friend Felisa...we met in Stockton CA in 2003 and have been good friends since...I will always treasure our friendship...she always makes me you girl!!!

Nose Kisses

Pajama Bath Party

Really!?! Noah...

Need I say More...

While he was waiting for the water to warm up, I went to get the wipes since he was stinky and this is what I came back to...

Then later this week, Deveon brought me the clean laundry from the drier and a little surprise along with it!

Wednesday, February 4

Princess Prittys for 2009

This is a new M2MGymboree Pritty that I made for Lexi to match a Valentine Outfit (matches Wild One line from Gymboree) These are $6.00 and are custom orders...

New Princess Prittys for 2009...Now have no slip grip for even the finest of hair, it will not slip...also have new teeny alligator clips with teeth for a sure grip...also introducing Curly Prittys and Boutique Bow Prittys in new colors...No Fray Guarantee...Email me if you'd like to stop by and see what's new or to place an order!

Shown: Boutique Bow Prittys and Curly Prittys