Wednesday, June 8

Alaska Cruise 2011 Part One

Day One

Exploring the Ship

Our waiter preparing the finishing touches of the Filet Mignon Dishes we ordered, tableside.

Dinner on the first Night we went to the SS United States Specialty Restaurant...We thought we would give it a try.

After Dinner Pictures

Josh's sister April and her husband Eric

Day Two

Sea Day * Lazy Day

This is me and SIL April ready for dinner on our first formal night.

After dinner they had a show in the ship's theater. The ship had a couple of aerialists that were pretty amazing. Jocka and Maria. Jocka was on an olympics team in Portugal and had years of gymnastics and circus training under his belt and was now working as an solo aerialist on the ship. Maria was a Penn State Eagles cheerleader that had gotten a job with Celebrity Cruises as a dancer on board. She was really interested in learning about his act and it took off from there. He taught her everything and they were amazing! They pretty much performed every night and everyone loved them! Including me ;)
Check them out in the Celebrity Singers and Dancer Video at the end...

Roses from the Captain because they love us and we are part of their Captain's Club for going on so many cruises! ;) The roses were in our room when we got back...

Alaska Cruise 2011 Part Two

Day Three
Adventure Karts in Ketchikan, Alaska...

I rode for about 20 minutes and then opted to go and wait back at camp and hang with the locals since I didn't want to be a baby on the karts anymore. I had done these same Karts in Hawaii however I drove in a kart with April and watched as Josh tipped his Kart over in front of us. So this time after whining to him about going too fast even though we were way behind the group, I chose to go back to camp and wait instead of yelling at my hubby...
They had fun ;)

Somewhere out at Sea...Funny thing is that everyday our Captain would come on the P.A. and let us know what latitude and longitude we were at...In case we wondering where we were...The comedian even made a joke about the captain and how he could've told us we were in Omaha while laughing at us...

Josh says I made a new Egyptian friend lol ;)

Ready for Dinner...

Day Four

Tracy Arm Fjords and Juneau, Alaska

Early morning we cruised through the Tracy Arm Fjord and there were icebergs everywhere...We had breakfast brought to pril and Eric's suite and we ate on the balcony while we cruised through the Fjord. Video at the end...

It of course reminded me of how cold Jack and Rose probly were ;)

Juneau, Alaska

In Juneau our ship docked early so we went into town for a bit before our excursion started. There were some shops that we went in and I wanted to find some things for the family back home ;)

Josh in a Russian Hat at one of the local stores...Did you know the U.S. bought Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million ;) They had a lot of Russian things for sale lots of Russian Nesting Dolls...

Had to have a picture of a Totem Pole...I got the boys mini statues of Totem Poles here and an Ornament Cruise Ship for our Christmas Tree that has Alaska Cruise on it. Lexi got a charm bracelet with a charm I collected from each stop at a certain store at each stop. It was like a scavengar hunt that me and April were on ;)

Back at the Port waiting for our Tour to start...You can see the other side of Juneau across the water. They had a bridge you could drive to get to the other side...

Juneau was 79 degrees that day...Just BEAUTIFUL

Here is the Mendenhall Glacier. It looked nothing like I pictured it ;) not bad but just different...

Really Huge Waterfall

I made Josh taste the water with me...It was way yummy!

Video at the end of the Post...

We spotted a Porcupine on the trail back to the Ship... Side Note: Our Tour Guide told us we had one hour to explore on our own at the Glacier Visitor Center...Me and Josh chose to hike all the way down to the Glacier and Waterfall but we had to be fast so we could get back in time...we got back and we were loading onto the bus and some guy didn't make it back in time and we left without him! Lol! These Tours don't mess around!

Salmon Bake Was Yummy

After we ate we walked this little trail and found another waterfall...It was beautiful ;)

...and we found an old Mine from the Klondike Gold Rush

Ready for Dessert after a long Day in Juneau...

Love to see all the other cruise ships at the different ports of call...This ship will be home to one of my SIL's sister in two weeks!

What a beautiful day in Juneau

Alaska Cruise 2011 Part Three

Day Five

Skagway, Alaska

While waiting on our bus to start our Tour we look out the window and thought that was our 'really long ship' {It was two ships and we couldn't tell where they ended} Lol. We're silly ;)

On our way to our Horseback Riding Excursion we had a really funny Tour Guide...{Picture Andy from 'Parks and Rec' totally Cowboy'd up} He was telling all sorts of funny and not so funny jokes on the way and told us the history about this little train town in Alaska {Klondike Gold Rush} He would spot out these baby Bald Eagles and we were like what? Where? This is a cropped/zoomed picture, so I pointed it out...

Horseback Riding in Skagway. Here we are in Lynn Canal at the end of our horse trail through a rainforest. Another BEAUTIFUL day in Alaska at 79 degrees...

Josh on Moose, April on Weyland, Eric on Doc, and me on Spike ;) Spike was slow and loved to snack along the way...So did Josh's horse. They didn't really like to listen to us...{picture 3 year olds who know we are not his parents} I fell in love with my horse...look at him eating in our picture...

On our way back to the Ship...A closer Bald Eagle Sighting ;)

Viewpoint in Skagway

And I spotted a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints building ;) woohoo members in Alaska!

...and more Totem Poles

After Dinner at 11pm ;)

Amazing Dessert Buffet...too bad we were still full from dinner to try any of it...instead we burned some calories by dancing ;)

Day Six

Sea Day * Lazy Day

Today I got my Full Body and Scalp Massage, and Facial and me and Josh bummed around the ship like two peas in a pod...We also found time to hit the gym ;)
Before Dinner we went to the Show to see the Singers and Dancers Perform along with the Aerialists...They had amazing costumes for every show!

Tonight I made Josh take me to dinner by going down the pretty stairs in the dining room...He asked 'do you want me to wait for you down at the bottom like Jack, too?' That would've been cute ;)

Me and April wanted pictures by the stairs but Eric didn't budge...So stubborn! And I will get you to dance! ;) But we had fun getting perfect pictures!

I love Eggplant and tonight they had Ratatouille so I had to take a picture to show the kids...It was yummy!