Friday, April 30

Monday, April 19

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

The Elk Grove Musical Theatre Company
Poudly Presents the Jr. Cast in
Disney's Cinderella

This was Dalen's first time trying out in this production and he was cast as one of three Town Criers. He had about 6 lines throughout the production and was also a tree that turned into a Coachmen in the bippity boppity scene and was part of the chorus throughout the play. The practices consisted of a weekly practice and as the play got closer it sometimes went to twice a week, a few lasting four hours. I was assigned as one of the stage managers. My job was to make sure props were ready for the kids to take on and off the stage and help the cast with remembering when to go on and of course the ever important job of opening and closing the curtains {How'd I get stuck with that job ;)} along with making Dalen's costume. We performed 6 different shows {Thursday-Saturday} and by the end of the weekend Dalen and I were beat...Thankfully my mom was here to help with the kids. Dalen and I had a great experience meeting other kids and moms from other wards in our stake and can't wait for the next production this Fall.

A Narrator and a Silly Girl from the cast of Disney's Beauty and the Beast

The Steps were amazing... Such great little actresses...and I made their bows ;)

Since I was always back stage, these were the only two clips I was able to get...The first one is at a tech rehearsel and the second is at the end of one of the real shows...;)

Partying it up after the Last Show...

Saturday, April 17

Josh will be going to Israel for a week and a half {last minute trip}---so to make-up for missing our scheduled ultrasound with Kaiser he found a place in Roseville to do a sex determination ultrasound before he leaves on Tuesday...The tech was unable to get a good shot, but what he did get made him pretty sure it was a girl...I do not feel 100% confirmed yet either so I'm glad I still have my Kaiser ultrasound next week to confrim... {and with predicted girls they can sometimes just be shy boys} but here's the ultrasound DVD that came with the package...;)

Sunday, April 11

My Other Blog...

I updated my Scrapbook Albums blog...they are all on there nice and big for easy viewing...

Wednesday, April 7

Cross Country 5k and 1 mile

Saturday April 3rd 2010
Josh ran the 5k cross country race here in Sacramento. We were all there to cheer him on.
Dalen and Deveon raced the kids 1 mile and were happy to finish...It was the furthest they have ever run and it had two hills...We were so proud of them!

Tuesday, April 6

Easter 2010

We were living too much in the moment to have any other pictures from the day. We had some friends over for an Easter Egg Hunt, Dinner & Dessert.