Sunday, September 16

American Idol May 2012

Anyone know me knows I am a die hard fan of this show...and yes I own all Coldplay music too...
Awesome Day #1

Seeing Coldplay was pretty AWESOME!
Coldplay was performing on American Idol one night but they had to tape him with a live audience the morning of instead since he was due for the Weenie Roast in the Evening. I had signed up to get tickets for any American Idol taping and when I got this in my email I jumped on it! It wasn't an American Idol Episode but this was gonna be pretty darn cool I thought and it was! I brought my sis in law April, our friend Anna and her daughter Mckenna... He performed two songs for us, each of them twice ; 'Paradise' and 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall' He was so crazy and he danced and was pretty chatty between takes...Very cool for a free little mini concert...And yes the crowd went wild when he changed his shirt for the next song/take hahahaha...Oh  and Mckenna was chosen to be in the 'Pit' with all the cute young girls screaming at the stage...She almost didn't wanna go but we moms made her {We were a little jealous} {ok a lot jealous} ;) She loved it...After the show we went and had lunch at The Cheescake Factory at The Grove in Hollywood.
See our cool little bracelets...They lit up in different ways during the songs...
Awesome Day #2
Scored more tickets from my friend Jen to go see the Finale show where these two {Jessica and Phillip} battled it out for the title of the next American Idol. This time since it was so last minute just us three SCV girls went and stood in line, got our tickets with seat numbers on it and then went and had lunch at The Yardhouse and then saw a movie 'Girl in Progress' while we waited to go into the Nokia theater...Our seats were pretty good. We were in the front row of the first balcony...not too bad...Phillip was my pick...They liked Jessica...They both were awesome! I knew he would win tho...;)

Anna, Mckenna and me



Awesome Day #3
Morning of the Finale results show I open up an email with Tickets to the show! I debate back and forth of whether or not I should go...Anna couldn't go, April couldn't but I really wanted to go...I decide to just go for it so I bring my little buddy Dalen. Totally unsure if we will even get in since the day before we got there around 10am and got balcony seats...Me and Dalen are gonna show up around 3:30pm. oh well I said, if we don't get in NBD. we'll go out to dinner just me and him... We get to the line and they are waiting for a number from the guys at the theater. The number is how many filler seats to hand out...We get two tickets...YES! hmmm wonder where we are sitting. I look at the tickets and it's floor seats!!!... We get to our seats and they are smack in the middle just a little left of their big camera stage setup about 30 rows back from the stage...It was awesome and best part was seeing Phillip Phillips win LIVE!