Tuesday, November 30

Soccer 2010

Deveon's first soccer practice

1st Game

Banner I had made for the team...

Deveon In Action

Deveon as Goalie


Lexi at her soccer clinic...

This little boy had a cute little crush on Lexi...

Sunday, November 14

My Lily's Adorable Baby Shower

My adorable baby shower for me and my Lily~pie

Me and Lily

Lexi posing in front of the spread...

Lily being cute ;)

The fun at the Shower!

We did crafts...cute baby iron~ons to bibs and onesies for Lily

We played games...The 'who has the most kid related items in their purse' game, bottle sucking contest and who knows Lauren the best questionnaire

And there were gifts...Bebe~Pod seat and tray, a new high chair {since there are no more seats at our dinner table for our booster}, new jammies, diapers, GC's to Babies R Us and a cute little book named Lily's purple purse ;)

Thursday, November 4

Lily Belle @ 2 monthes

Tonight after Josh was done feeding Miss Lily her ba-ba milk, I looked over at this little cutie pie on the floor having tummy~time on and I thought I can't believe she is already 2 monthes today!
Why does it have to go so fast now...
A few nights ago I was putting all the kids to bed and since Josh was already sleeping {he's on the opening shift this week} I was doing the whole bed time rituals on my own...While Lily entertained Lily on the bottom bunk I tucked the boys in first {since there's 3 of them in one room they tend to be a little on the crazy side until that light gets turned out} I then went into Lexi's room to get her situated. While I was putting laundry/new clothes away and laying outfits out for the next day {complete with matching accessories} I noticed Lily just drifting off to sleep. I thought okay, we'll try it tonight...Lexi quietly climbed up on top and I tucked both girls in and It was only 8:30...Lily slept til 2am! And this has been her new schedule for the last three days! I got all kids down by 8:30pm!

She gives very few smiles but they are definitley there and are so stinkin' cute! See her Baby Zebra picture below...I love her smiles...She smiles most right after a meal ;)
She loves her binky but only in the evening...She doen't need it every night though.
She loves being out n' about...
She tends to get bored at home...
She is a great eater and goes from mommy to bottle no problem...
She sits in her Bumbo chair and loves to watch all the goings on around her.
Last Sunday everyone heard her poop loudly twice in 3rd hour combined at church. I changed the first one and Josh changed her the second round...I felt embarrased for my little one ;) but everyone poops...
She completes our family just perfectly ;)
...this is the result when the camera comes out...
big brother Deveon and big sister Lexi

Wednesday, November 3

Lily's Photo Shoot

This was so much fun...I love taking pictures of my kids and I have done all of my babies announcement pictures and I wouldn't change it for the world...I promise I will get the announcemtents out this week ;) I know all the others were out as soon as I was home from the hospital...This one is a little slower I know...They will get out!
Her Royal Highness

Miss Bathing Beauty

Little Fairy

Little Flower Girl

If you get a Christmas Card from me then you will receive an announcement...If you do not receive a Christmas Card from us each year but would {LOVE} to, Contact me with your address so I have it and you will get an announcement and then be on our Christmas Card List :P