Monday, March 22

Happy Spring

These are the moments I want to remember; when my children are clean, proper and so sweet...

Saturday, March 20

Buzz Brothers


They were supposed to be for a picture~op only but we really liked them and thought they looked fun!
So for now here they are...

Noah's interview during his buzz~cut...

Thursday, March 18

Ladies and Gentlemen...

A few weeks ago we drove out to San Jose for the weekend with the Stoeckle family and stayed the night at Tami's parents house. Tami's dad made us his famous egg rolls on Friday night. Saturday was our busy day, we went to the flea market and the guys and kids then went to GolfLand and we all met up and had lunch at Sweet Tomatos. That night we took the boys along with Tami and Erick to see Cirque du soleil's OVO. They loved it and we loved it. Amazing stuff. Then Tami and Erick took us to this fun restaurant Dave and Buster's {coming to roseville in May} where we played and ate...It was a great weekend and we are so grateful to Tami's family for opening their home to us and watching Lexi and Noah on our fun night out!


Noah enjoyed watching the Olympics on TV this year. Here he is trying some new tricks from the ice skating competitions...

Tuesday, March 2


  • loves to play with her dinosaurs
  • helps Noah brush his teeth in the mornings
  • still comes in my bed a few nights a week
  • takes coins from daddy's money dish and then gives it to him and tells him 'this is so you don't have to work anymore'
  • loves preschool
  • watches Curious George with Noah everyday
  • sings really loud at dance class and loves it
  • loves pretty dresses and skirts
  • plays computer games and loves
  • loves to play with Deveon
  • good listener
  • gives the meanest looks with her eyes if you make her mad
  • always declares she's on daddy's team so daddy won't 'get' her
  • has to know who is singing on the stereo in the car
  • loves beans, diet coke, pancakes and sausage and dislikes spaghetti sauce
  • loves modeling on stage at pageants and getting trophies
  • loves going swimming
  • loves going to Disneyland and Six Flags
  • likes art
  • loves jamba juice
  • loves make~up
  • and shoes, shoes, shoes {20 pairs @ the moment}

I love my little girl & I love spoiling her