Friday, December 31

Our Christmas Card

Dear Friends & Family
Some highlights of our busy year...

Joshua just ran in the CA Int’l Marathon this December. He is still working for Cardinal Health and is busy helping out with the family. He is now serving as Elder’s Quorum President at our church.

Lauren had my fifth/last child as planned {before my 30th} and am now training to run in Disney’s ½ Marathon 2011. I still enjoy crafting and am crazy busy with our kids. I am still serving as the Cub Master for my son’s scout pack.
Dalen {8} our 3rd grader was baptized this year and is loving cubscouts. He is busy preparing for another play; Disney’s Musical 'Aladdin' as the Head Guard/Vendor.

Deveon {7} our 2nd grader completed his first year of soccer and loved it! He loves playing games and he and his brother Dalen just ran a 2.6 mile race.

Lexis {5} is loving Kindergarten! She is still dancing and was crowned CA Gold Coast Tiny Talent this September. She loves having a new baby sister.

Noah {3} my baby boy is no longer a baby. He talks up a storm and runs wild with the kids. He is such a sweet and funny little guy!

Lillian Belle {3mos} joined our family in September. She’s starting to sleep longer at night and loves to watch the kids play.
The Kids...

We wish you all a great Christmas and a prosperous 2011

G'ma and G'pa Miles were with us when we took our pictures...;)

Thursday, December 30

Noah's Mickey Mouse Party

Happy Birthday to my Noah!

'ME Three!'

"Happy Birthday to Noah..."

Little Miss Dasiy

Thanks to all who came and for all the wonderful presents!

Wednesday, December 22

Enjoying Christmas

Our Advent Calendar

The kids love to see what's next to do on our Advent calendar...

Our Yearly Ornament Tree

An ornament for every year our family has changed ;)
Hmmm...I wonder if we can find one with 5 little ones on it this year...

Our Christmas Tree

This is my Living Room Tree. It's all silver and gold and it display's my beautiful glass style ornaments I love to collect...along with my Christopher Radko collection...The one I want this year is the choo choo cheer...

My Gingerbread Town...

Our Stockings...

Top; Dalen, Deveon and Lexi's

Bottom; Mommy and Daddy's {ours match}, Noah and Lily's...

...when I brought Lily's new stocking home, Lexi said her stocking needs some sparkles on hers too...So I guess we'll have to bling hers up a bit ;)

...Some more decorations around the house...

Our cute family room tree with home made and fun decorations

...and of course our cute little elves from the North Pole, Frissbeay and our newest addition Lucy...Lucy now has her very own Princess Pritty that me and Lexi left out for her one night ;)

Friday, December 17

More Running...

California Int'l Marathon Sacramento
26.2 miles
Dropping Josh off at the start line at 6:45 am
'Do I have everything?'

Now off to the MaraFunRun at the finish line right at California's beautiful State Capital @ downtown Sacramento

The MaraFunRunners; Dalen and Deveon in their new running gear

2.62 miles

The little supporters Lexi and Noah...{Lily stayed with a friend so she could be warm and cozy during our event...}

Noah is as happy as a clam ;)

Josh finishing his race...

Looking at his time ;)

Josh and sis April who ran the Marathon too...we couldn't find her husband {who ran it as well} to get a group shot :(

Congratulations to these wonderful Marathoners!

Saturday, December 11

Christmas 2010

Our Ward's Christmas Party

Dalen and Lexi got to sing a duet as part of the entertainment that night...we loved watching it back and seeing Noah dancing on the side...

We hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season ;)

Wednesday, December 8

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

We took Grandma and Grandpa Dubois to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Black Friday this year...It was 'Holiday in the Park' time and they even have a snow hill and it's decorated all 'Christmas~y'
It's not Disneyland but hey it's still fun and there are barely any lines...oh wait but since it's holiday hours, they close like half of the kid rides...oh well...We made this trip more about the animals and we definitley made our way to the crepes place for fresh donuts, nutella dipping sauce and hot chocolate! We finished our night off by going to IHOP for pancakes...;)

Feeding the Birds in the Aviary

Feeding the Giraffes

My favorite animal...

They were actually going a little crazy as we waited in line to feed them...

the beautiful butterflies...

Cute Lily~pie getting a diaper change and time for a stretch ;)

All snuggled in her stroller with her lovie...

...and that's bunks in the car~seat stroller ready for our walk back to the car ;)