Sunday, February 28

Josh & Tami's Performance

'Canon in D'

performed January 31st 2010

Saturday, February 27

Friday, February 26

new pantry

My new cabinet to hold the many scrapbook projects I'm currently working on...

...the rest of my scraps are on shelves in my craft corner located in our garage

Tuesday, February 16

Dalen tested for his green belt a few weeks ago

~Pinon 1~

Here he is a week later being presented his new green belt and his first stripe on it

Noah with Dalen's retired belt on doing his karate

Thursday, February 11


  • says no!
  • when we ask him what any baby is doing he answers 'nigh-nigh?'
  • loves to watch curious george with Lexi in my bed
  • has to climb in his seat from the trunk and gets mad when he can't
  • always pee's on the floor before a bath/shower
  • says 'eat' and signs it when he's hungry
  • can say everyone's name in our family...dada, momeee, esi {lexi}, an{dalen}, en{deveon} and nona{noah} or me! but if you ask him to say their name he says noooo...
  • at bed time he says no nigh-nigh but once in bed doesn't fight it
  • loves cars, trains and airplanes and makes the brrbrrbrrbrr sound an airplane makes {he got this from the boys}
  • gives me hugs while we're shopping as he sits in the cart
  • grabs all kinds of things and throws them into the cart
  • clasps his hands when we pray at dinner
  • loves to go bye-bye
  • knows how to put his shoes on
  • always takes his shoes & socks off in the car, then puts his shoes back on minus the socks
  • last time we cleaned out our car we found 10 pairs of his socks
  • he has been my most stubborn toddler
  • has been my only baby where he actually prefers me over dada
  • loves to eat all foods
  • loves capri suns and had his first at 9 months {don't judge, it was hot at the fair} this lady walked by and said 'how cute, that baby's drinking a capri sun'
  • loves to hang with the kids
  • says 'hi' to complete strangers
  • when we're at the boys karate, he punches into the air while lunging and says 'huss' to mimic the boys
  • when we're at Lexi's dance class he tries to mimic all their dance steps
  • loves to play outside in the big firetruck
  • loves to sit and eat snow {learned this in Tahoe}
  • knows his animal sounds
  • and his ever learning from his big siblings and is loving life!

Just a few of my favorite things that make up my little baby Noah