Friday, May 21

Dalen is 8!

He is very excited about his birthday even though he is not having a friend party, this age finally marks the age he will be baptized and join cubscouts. He has been looking forward to these two things for a while ;)
My baby is growing up...

Wednesday, May 12

May's Update

22 weeks ;) The ever growing belly...

Finished my last week teaching preschool...the kids only have 3 more weeks left. It has been so much fun for Lexi and she is looking forwad to starting Kindergarten in July! She will be a cute little chatterbox making friends left and right ;)

{Dexter, Sarah and Lexi...Austin is missing}

I've been busy busy busy getting ready for a few boutiques this summer. First I will be at the EG Park Farmers Market on Wed night May 12th 4-7pm and at the Spring Festival on Saturday May 22nd 10-6pm. Then again at the farmers market on Wed's: June 2nd, July 7th & maybe August 4th. This is strictly just a hobby of mine where I really just make enough to keep the business alive...I have had fun learning a little bit about having a little business ;)
Mother's Day

Mother's Day was fun this year. We started our weekend out on Friday by going on our super date. The babysitter come over at 3pm and Josh and I went and saw Iron Man 2 at the Imax and then ate at the Esquire Grill downtown Sacramento. Then it was off ot the Daughtry/ Lifehouse concert at Arco Arena. It was a lot of entertainment for me and baby's ears for one day ;)


Then Saturday we took the family out to El Torito cause Daddy 'got a call' and Sunday I got breakfast in bed and I enjoyed my gifts from the kids they made at school along with a sweet rose bouqet from Daddy. I love my little family and hope all the moms enjoyed their day and/or weekend.

Monday, May 3