Friday, March 27

My Movie Songs

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle...

3. Press play...

4. For every question, type the song that's playing...

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button...

Opening Credits: #41-Dave Matthews Band probly my absolute fave song
Waking Up: Stars are Blind-Paris Hilton that's me in the morning!
First Day At School: Butterfly-Corrinne Bailey Rae that was totally me in kindergarten too!
Childhood: One Way Ticket-Leann Rimes ha!
High School: Breathe-Michelle Branch yes just breathe
Fight Song: Wasted-Carrie Underwood ?
Breaking Up: ...Nunca Estás Lejos-NEK (spanish singer I absolutley love)
Prom: Seventeen-Tim Mcgraw ha!
Life: How to Save a Life-The Fray coincident?
College: Por Te-Josh Groban (I took dance in college)
Falling In Love: Sand in my Shoes-Dido (weird how this is a beachy song and it totally reminds me of Santa Cruz w/ Josh)
Mental Breakdown: Somebody Like You-Keith Urban didn't he have a mental breakdown?
Driving: I'm gonna find another you-John Mayer ?
Flashback: This Land is Mine-Dido yes it is.
Wedding: St. Patrick's Day-John Mayer it talks about christmas time and it's a love song?
Birth of Child: Do you have a little time-Dido (I guess I like Dido and its a song about being lost-how appropriate)
Final Battle: Not Coming Home-Maroon 5 ha! apparently I die!
Death Scene: Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis-meh!
Funeral Song: Trouble-ColdPlay cool
End Credits: The Lover After Me-Savage Garden this is on my playlist on the blog!
Your right Jamie, this was kinda creepy...but so worth it and fun!

Spring Pictures!

Sunday, March 22

F-A-M-I-L-Y by Lexis

I can't believe my cute little girl is already giving Primary Talks in seems like just a little bit ago that she was my baby...At least she still cuddles with me...Her talk was on Family and I got a Clip of her replaying her talk after church for all to hear...Enjoy...
Families are Forever...
Ancestors are part of our family too...
My family loves me and I love them...
I want to go to the temple and have my own Family...
L for Lexi and Love is needed in families...
You can have a family forever too by following Jesus and choosing the right...


Saturday March 21st-Drizzly and Cold
Six Flags there we went!
Just a fun Saturday since Josh was off which is Very Rare(usually has Sun and Mon off) we had to do we went to Discovery Kingdom and it was cold as all week then came Saturday but it was fun...I forgot my camera but had my trusty phone and took a few shots...
Me Lexi and Noah always waiting and watching the boys and daddy on the biggie rides...soon Lexi very soon...
These were in the Butterfly exhibit, apparantly everyone's favorite cuz the kids screamed for joy as we approached, or maybe it was because we new we'd get warm inside...but the butterflies were in full force that day...flying all around...Noah loved watching them too...

Gymbo Peek

Here's a sneak peak at the new Gymboree Line coming out next week...No Link sorry...Spring Break Sale extended til next Sunday...

Wednesday, March 18


Noah after his cupcake
We hope everyone had a Green Day yesterday...Here's me cutie in his green for the day, (Thanks Jeanette for the shirt it fits him great!) We woke up and I got dressed first and didn't really have green as my main color but it was there but when Deveon was getting dressed for late Kindergarten he says we have to wear green today, right? So I made sure all the kids wore green today, then I thought well if they're all wearing green today we at least have to go and do something...SO after we dropped Deveon at PM Kinder, the rest of the kids and I (Dalen is off track so I've got three at home everyday) headed over to Old Town Elk Grove for a little shoppinf, lunch at Happy Garden and bought some Lulu's cupcakes for desset after dinner...It was a good day!
Here's my favorite: Coco Cupcake (it's yummy Steph)

And here's our more festive ones for the Family:
Oreo, Green and White for St. Paddy's and Mint Chocolate

Sunday, March 15

The Sweatshop

Friday and Saturday Night were very productive for me...I spent a bundle of hours each night coming up with the cutest Spring and Easter Prittys for Princess Prittys...Here was my mess on my counter just in case you were dying to know what my little sweatshop looks like when work is in progress...I even had the boys help cut ribbon for me...

I will be taking orders until Friday March 27th to get everything out in time for Easter!

Tuesday, March 10

Noah's Newest Tricks

15 monthes old and oh so cute!

Noah was coughing while we driving somewhere one day and I asked him, "Oh, Noah are you okay?" and I think he liked the attention so much that he began making himself cough, so I had to ask him again if he was went on back and forth for a couple of minutes and now everytime he coughs, I ask him again if he's okay and we play this little game...

He's walking so well these days...only took him a long 14 monthes to get here...

Lauren's Food for Thoughts

So I have started another blog for my cooking tips and ideas...It's to share ideas with others who need some inspiration for cooking easy dinners and to help keep me on track with actually cooking each night...check it out when you get a's got a lot of links to different recipe and food ideas sites...

Saturday, March 7

Scrapbook Ideas 101

This was my friend Tami's recent scrapbook page...I love how she halved the flowers to make them look like sideviews and blooming...she got the idea from someone else's blog and showed it to me and we both swore we were going to do that same idea... she just happended to get to her page first...Love it! I love that my BF is a nutty scrapbooker just like me...or maybe that's why were BF's we just understand eahcother on so many levels! Love ya Tam!

Friday, March 6

Cute as can be...

A couple Mondays ago Disney Channel was playing Dumbo so I recorded it for the kids to watch and they have watched it probably like 10 times since last week...everytime this scene comes on I run into watch it with them and I cry every time...Something about those blue eyes that makes me think of baby brings a whole new meaning to this movie...I just love it...It was a favorite of mine as a child too...Now I am looking for it at the store to own on DVD...Remeber to pause my blog music before playing as it is old and isn't very loud...Let me know who else this I know I'm not alone

Gymbo Pix

These are a few of my favorite things...Click on pics to view new lines...

Tuesday, March 3

My Trendy Lexi

I thought Lexi looked so cute for Church the other day...Thank you Gma D for the new my belt?