Sunday, June 27

Swim Lessons

Swim 2010

Deveon is doing well considering his two traumatic experiences with pools in the last few years. He can now go under water completley with 'no hands' as he likes to show us all the time...and is working on swimming by kick~board...He loves the water though ;)

This was Lexi's first swim session and she is doing amazing...She can go under water with no hands, and swims by kick~board all on her own...she loves swimming!

Saturday, June 26

To the Beach...

So Far In June...
We spent the weekend in the bay area with our friends the Stoeckles...We went to Great America on Friday and then spent Saturday afternoon on the beach in Santa Cruz...

Josh and I have a special place in our hearts for Santa Cruz. It was our little place while waiting for Dalen to join our family...then the craziness began with one kid after another ;)

I think Noah thought 'Hey since that white snow tasted pretty good, why shouldn't this brown sand?'

Wednesday, June 2

Miles Photo Shoot ;)

My good friend Megan is just starting out her photography business venture and I was lucky enough to have her practice on the kids...{after looking at these though you wouldn't think she needs any practice} she has such a great eye and the pictures turn out just amazing! Enjoy!
Her website is lolamemories...

Dalen~8 yrs old

Deveon~7 yrs old
Happy Birthday Deveon ;) we went to BJ's for a yummy dinner and cookie pazookie for dessert...Deveon's request...
Lexis~4 yrs old

Noah~2 yrs old