Tuesday, July 26

White Water Rafting

In June we went down the South Fork american River. We were signed up to go down the Middle Fork but the week before we had a heat wave and the rapids were too big so they closed it...Boy am I glad that they had us go down the South Fork {easier of the three} because I thought I was gonna die! It was crazy and I definitley am glad to have checked that off my bucket list along with the other few that I will do just once, skydiving, karaoke, and the roller coaster X2 @ Magic Mountain...Lol ;)

Our group: Me, Josh, his dad Kent, his bro Jesse, his sis April and her hubby Eric

Fun Memories and Fun Times!

This is when Kent traveled over to my side and I swear I thought we were gonners Lol...

Josh is in front on right and he is falling overboard and Eric pulls him back in...

and here is my favorite...from front right clockwise: Josh, Eric, Me, Tourguide Sam from Australia, Kent, April and Jesse...We look like we know what we are doing...;)

Are we even there still?? lol, Just Kent...

I love this where Jesse looks like a little kid ;)

Monday, July 25

Dalen & Deveon Sponge Bob Party

Dalen turns 9 and Deveon turns 8!

Deveon, Dalen and Noah ready for a Sponge Bob Square Pants Party!

Everyone got to make a Sponge Bob for the water games...

Then we had Water Baloon Tosses

Dalen and his friend Elijah won both rounds of that...

Happy Birthday to Dalen

and Happy Birthday to Deveon!

Thursday, July 21

Folsom Lake

...More Flosom Lake ;)

April 2011

I love this chubby little hand ;)

The boys exploring and playing

And our day ended with Noah almost stepping on a baby rattle snake...Josh came to our rescue and killed it with a rock...Gotta protect our babies ;) and seriously, Noah was like an inch away from stepping on him...

Wednesday, July 20

Folsom Lake

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are...One of our favorite places to go up here in Sacramento is Folsom Lake. These were pictures from back in May right before summer began and gets to crazy here at the lake. I love days like this when it's just the little family hanging out ;)

We found a water spider. We kept throwing it back out into the water and watched it crawl back to us ;)

Easter 2011

We crashed some other Christian Church's Easter Carnival...It was fun!

Easter Carnival

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Baskets

Our Easter Eggs

Our Easter Best ;)

Monday, July 18

Deveon is Baptized

Deveon's Baptism

June 4th 2011

We had my parents, Josh's parents, Uncle Jesse and some friends from our ward come be a part of Deveon's baptism. Uncle Jesse gave the Holy Ghost Talk and Deveon's Sunday School teacher Sister Hutchings gave the talk on Baptism.

Our kids sang 'When I am Baptized' while Deveon changed after he was baptized. Here are all the kids waiting for Deveon to get dunked ;)

Deveon listening to our Bishop welcome him into our ward as a member of the church.

Dalen and Deveon with Uncle Jesse ;)