Tuesday, March 2


  • loves to play with her dinosaurs
  • helps Noah brush his teeth in the mornings
  • still comes in my bed a few nights a week
  • takes coins from daddy's money dish and then gives it to him and tells him 'this is so you don't have to work anymore'
  • loves preschool
  • watches Curious George with Noah everyday
  • sings really loud at dance class and loves it
  • loves pretty dresses and skirts
  • plays computer games and loves starfall.com
  • loves to play with Deveon
  • good listener
  • gives the meanest looks with her eyes if you make her mad
  • always declares she's on daddy's team so daddy won't 'get' her
  • has to know who is singing on the stereo in the car
  • loves beans, diet coke, pancakes and sausage and dislikes spaghetti sauce
  • loves modeling on stage at pageants and getting trophies
  • loves going swimming
  • loves going to Disneyland and Six Flags
  • likes art
  • loves jamba juice
  • loves make~up
  • and shoes, shoes, shoes {20 pairs @ the moment}

I love my little girl & I love spoiling her


gramdubois said...

Love you Lexi, you are precious!

Lauren said...

i love you too grandma, Lexi...