Monday, May 14

Disney's 1/2

Disney's Half Marathon!
September 4th 2011
{Lily's Birthday}
It was HARD!!! But I did it! and I absolutley love my Medal!!!
This was my goal after I had Lily, my last child, to get back in shape by training to run 13.1 miles in a half marathon with Josh, April and Jesse... It was a crazy day but I will always be proud of myself and know that they were right there cheering me on right next to me...

This year I will be running the Tinkerbell Half at Disneyland which is a women's race and I am so seiked to get Tink's Wings in medal form! ;)


Beth said...

Hey - I found your blog too! I am super impressed that you ran a half marathon. Are those sparkle skirts? My friend, Carrie, is one of the founder/owners/creators of the sparkle skirt I think. ??? But maybe there are a lot of sparkle skirts. Anyway, I am trying to sign up for my first 5K up in SC this fall (and trying to get my hubby to do it too). I hate running! But the hills in our new neighborhood are inspiring me. I'll get tips from you. And congrats on the medal!

Marcy said...

That's AWESOME! Way to go! You look great! We miss you...Marcy